Hylife Global Food Co., Ltd.

Committed to Global Quality System Standard of Whole Supply
Chain such as GAP, GHPs, and HACCP

HyLife Global Food Company Limited was established in January 2022 to expand our business from real estate development of the company group to a sustainable business of food manufacturer and exporter. In our business plan, the persons with high knowledge and experience from leading food companies have been gathered to join the company. With our modern innovation and design of production line, we decided to locate our plant in Doi Lo district, Chiang Mai, which is the source of premium fruit and vegetable raw materials; especially Longan. For our implementation plan, the construction and machine installation (including BOI process and all involved permission) would be finished and could supply our products to the value customers within July 2023.

The main products can be divided into two groups: the first group for the export market which is dried whole longan with shell and freeze dried longan, and the second group is for the domestic market which is the ready-to-eat processed vegetables and fruits for distribution in convenience stores, modern trade, and online.

The company is committed to implement a food management system throughout the entire supply chain. For example, the agricultural extension team will organize the  training and knowledge on GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) to longan plantations and growers. the pesticide and prohibited chemical would be controlled from the plantation until delivering to the factory. In our production process, the factory implements GHPs (Good Hygiene Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in order to control the food safety and deliver the good taste from farm to fork.

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A processed fruit and vegetable expertise

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