Hylife Global Food Company Limited


We aim to be the leading manufacturer and exporter in Thailand for processed fruits & vegetables and related food products in Thailand by 2030

We seek to make our products accessible for all our consumers to improve their well-being and we aim to achieve sustainable growth for all stakeholders involved by the year 2030.


01 : To provide consumers with the best benefits from our quality products, that are both delicious and nutritious ,while considering the principles of good nutrition including convenience and safety within a reasonable price.


02 : To deliver the highest customer satisfaction by being a strategic partner with a sense of warmth, and friendliness. We would like to have fun in our interactions with customers, and build individual employee pride, and company spirit.


03 : To implement a food quality system that meets global standards such as GHPs (Good Hygiene Practices), (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), BRC (British Retail Consortium) and other relevant systems. This is to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of the food we produce.


04 : To balance the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the business including customers, communities, staff, and shareholders.

We will ensure health and safety and working conditions, as well as environmental and social responsibility.


05 : To incorporate the principles of sustainability in our products, services, and work processes. We plan to achieve this by using new technology and innovative approaches.

Core Values



The team will function cohesively, with each member offering support to one another, akin to an orchestra creating beautiful music. Our team strives to strike a balance between fostering a happy workplace environment and promoting a healthy home and family life balance.


Goal Oriented & Growth Mind Set

Develop a strategic plan that aligns with the vision and mission of our organisation. Ensure that our goal achievement is well-organised with a clear understanding of both the overall perspective and the execution plan. Additionally, we will foster a happy mindset culture that promotes a willingness to acquire new knowledge beyond existing frameworks.


Future Proof

Continue to use our innovation and technology knowledge for our product and process design which will lead to continuous improvement and sustainable company development.

Hylife Global Food Journey Line

January, 2022

Hylife Global Food Co., Ltd. was established in Chiangmai

June, 2022

Signed OEM Contract with Top 5 Dried Longan Company as A Business Partner with QTY of FG 70 Containers

August, 2022

First Dried Longan shipment export to China

September, 2022

Signed MOU Contract with IQF Fronzen Fruit Processing Company as A Business Partner

BOI Approval for Investment Capital round 422.87 MB

November, 2022

Start Construction Work for New Processing Plant Located in Doilor District, Chiang Mai

December, 2022

Launched our products under the "Fresh Co" brand to Local store, Rimping.

Launch products under "Fun Co" brand to E-Commerce Channels, Shoppee, Lazada.

Plan to launch our products to Bahrain, Dubai and Mid-East Country.

Signed OEM Contract with Big Vacuum Frying and Drying Company as a Business Partner

April, 2023

Plan to Qualify for GHPs/HACCP Food Quality System

February, 2024

Plan to launch products to Japan

June, 2024

Plan to Qualify BRC Global Food Quality System

Year 2025

Aim to build annual sale revenue up to 400-500 MB

Year 2026

Consider to expand Plant NO.2 to expand capacity and increase sale revenue

Year 2028

Aim to build annual sale revenue up to 800-1,000 MB

Year 2030

Target to IPO in Thailand or Singapore Market

Dr. Bundit Jumras (BJ)

Message from CEO

Hylife Global Food Co., Ltd was founded in January 2022 which aimed to expand and diversify from the real estate development group of the company to a sustainable business as a food manufacturer and exporter.

For our project master plan, we obtained project team members with high experience from leading food manufacturing companies.

The project team sourced innovative technology to use for our process design and plant construction.

The plant location is located in Doi Lor district, Chiang Mai province where we are surrounded with plantations of excellent quality to provide our fruits and vegetables.

The overall project milestone is expected to have finished design, construction and machine installation including the BOI process and the relevant food quality system certified by Dec 2023


Our company aims to implement our food quality system throughout our whole supply chain.

For example, we will set up a plantation promotional team to educate and train our strategic partners and growers for GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), who supply the raw materials to our plant.

We will also use GAP to educate the best practices for the use of pesticides and chemicals to control the quality of our raw materials from start to finish until their delivery to our processing plant.

As part of our processing, we will implement GHPs (Good Hygiene Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) to use during our design phase and until our operation phase to ensure that our delicious food and our food safety practices are completely controlled and followed from the farm to our customer.